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AR Poster "Laws of Usability and psychology in design" contains fundamental principles, That will help you to create convenient and high-quality design solutions.

This is a compact cheat sheet, thanks to which you can confidently refer to a specific law and not waste time. Instead of proving to the team or client that your buttons should be positioned this way.
The main usability laws
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Jacob
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Photo by Jacob

Product Features

We have made a detailed description of each of the 18 main usability laws, including the history of its origin and where this law is applied in everyday life.
Added a touch of magic to this poster and implemented AR to brighten up your design routine a bit and showcase the application of each of the laws. Video link

Meet on the cover. We have been working for a long time to make the first feeling of receiving our poster pleasant, so the poster design will be a great gift for your friend.
usability basics - a compact cheat sheet thanks to which you can confidently refer to a specific law and don't waste time

The poster can be hung
right above the workplace and always have before your eyes


There is no longer any need to keep in mind the names of the main design laws and remember them when designing


This poster will become not only a faithful skua, but also an addition to your interior
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